checkX problems

Ken Brown
Fri Nov 20 19:43:00 GMT 2009

On 11/20/2009 12:14 PM, Charles Wilson wrote:
> I've integrated Lothar's patch into run2/checkX (along with some other
> internal changes), and published a test release.  Please try run-0.3.1-1
> and let me know if it fixes your problems with checkX.

I still have the instability that I reported as problem #2 in

but I wasn't expecting you to fix that.  As I said later in the thread, 
I suspect BLODA.

But the new behavior of the timeout option (my problem #1) works fine, 
with one caveat:  If I start the X server with startxwin.bat, it 
immediately exits and claims that a server is already running.  This was 
also reported earlier today by Jim Reisert:

Could it be that checkX is tricking XWin into thinking that a different 
X server is running?  (I have no idea how XWin decides whether an X 
server is running, so this may or may not be plausible.)  Strangely, the 
problem doesn't occur if I use instead of startxwin.bat.

Thanks to Lothar and you for the timeout patch.


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