Cygwin 1.7 beta XWin Crashs from Ubuntun 9.10 after Firefox sessions

Sun Nov 15 21:00:00 GMT 2009

Hi Jon, further testings show the issue is related to GNOME. XWin still crashed  after I started  GNOME-SESSION  and waited for some time without bringing up any apps. I',m able to ssh to the Ubuntu box and bring up xterm or firefox and do some work without any problems.  Since you can't even start up GNOME-SESSION, I am not going to pursue this issue anymore. Hopefully future upgrade will fix this problem. Thanks for your efforts.

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From: Jon TURNEY <>
Date: Sunday, November 15, 2009 9:46 am
Subject: Re: Cygwin 1.7 beta XWin Crashs from Ubuntun 9.10 after Firefox sessions
Cc: ERIC HO <>

> On 03/11/2009 23:34, ERIC HO wrote:
> > Hi Jon, the crash is not caused by doing some specific action 
> or looking at
> > specific pages in firefox.  Sometimes I sit on the 
> Firefox screen and the
> > cash happens. I ssh to the the remote Ubuntu Box and start up a
> > gnome-session  there back to my display.
> Over ssh, I can't even get gnome-session to start up properly, 
> so I'm bit 
> stymied trying to reproduce this.
> > I then bring up the firefox on the
> > Ubuntu box. After a few clicks, the cygwin Xserver died. I 
> tried starting
> > the X server with -multiwindow, but could not even get a 
> complete GNOME
> > screen back.
> You won't be able to get gnome-session to work with -multiwindow 
> mode, as you 
> are already running the integrated window manager.
> What I meant was, you should try starting the X server in -
> multiwindow mode, 
> then ssh'ing to your Ubuntu host and just running firefox
> Are you sure that it is firefox that causes the X server crash? 
> i.e. does the 
> crash not happen if you use other applications or just idle in 
> your gnome session?
> > I've tried  -query but did not get a screen back. It 
> could be
> > only ssh is allowed into the Ubuntu box.
> Yes, it seems that XDMCP is disabled by default in Ubuntu 9.10 
> and they seem 
> to have neglected to provide a GUI to turn it on.
> A quick google should reveal how to do that, e.g. [1]
> [1]
> -- 
> Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer

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