Cygwin 1.7 beta XWin Crashs from Ubuntun 9.10 after Firefox sessions

Sun Nov 15 16:47:00 GMT 2009

On 03/11/2009 23:34, ERIC HO wrote:
> Hi Jon, the crash is not caused by doing some specific action or looking at
> specific pages in firefox.  Sometimes I sit on the Firefox screen and the
> cash happens. I ssh to the the remote Ubuntu Box and start up a
> gnome-session  there back to my display.

Over ssh, I can't even get gnome-session to start up properly, so I'm bit 
stymied trying to reproduce this.

> I then bring up the firefox on the
> Ubuntu box. After a few clicks, the cygwin Xserver died. I tried starting
> the X server with -multiwindow, but could not even get a complete GNOME
> screen back.

You won't be able to get gnome-session to work with -multiwindow mode, as you 
are already running the integrated window manager.

What I meant was, you should try starting the X server in -multiwindow mode, 
then ssh'ing to your Ubuntu host and just running firefox

Are you sure that it is firefox that causes the X server crash? i.e. does the 
crash not happen if you use other applications or just idle in your gnome session?

> I've tried  -query but did not get a screen back. It could be
> only ssh is allowed into the Ubuntu box.

Yes, it seems that XDMCP is disabled by default in Ubuntu 9.10 and they seem 
to have neglected to provide a GUI to turn it on.

A quick google should reveal how to do that, e.g. [1]


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