Automatically positioned mouse movements are off target

Brian Sheppard
Fri Nov 13 16:37:00 GMT 2009

I addressed my problem using a different X server (xming). There was also a
commercial product that worked; I cannot remember which one.

For Xming, the key was to start it up in a specific windowing mode.
Something like full screen with no title bar.

I think that I tried all combinations of options on Cygwin-X and they all
failed, but maybe I did something wrong.

For me, the issue is resolved. But if you want to pursue it then Abbot
includes a test case that you can use to reproduce it. The Abbot installer
includes an app and a test script, and instructions
( You would install
Abbot on the Unix box and use X to view the execution of the test script.
When the script tries to click on a button, it will miss.


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On 24/08/2009 23:05, Brian Sheppard wrote:
> I installed Cygwin/X (latest version, according to the Cygwin 
> installer) on my laptop. I use Putty with X11 forwarding to connect to 
> a Red Hat Linux system. I start the X windows server on my laptop 
> using startxwin.bat as installed. After logging in to the Red Hat 
> system, I execute gnome-session&, and the gnome desktop shows on my
Windows desktop. So far, so good.
> I am testing a Java application using a tool called Abbot. Abbot 
> launches your Java Swing app within Abbot's JVM. Abbot reads the 
> coordinates of Swing components from internal Java objects, and then 
> issues mouse and keystroke commands to simulate user actions according to
a script.
> My observation is that the mouse clicks are off target. Specifically, 
> Abbot is aiming to hit the exact center of each component, but it 
> misses either high or low. (Left and right centering seem fine.)
> The amount of the miss has something to do with my Task Bar. When the 
> Windows Task Bar is locked at top, then the clicks miss below (i.e., 
> lower on the screen) the intended component. When the Task Bar is 
> docked to the right, left, or bottom, or if it is at the top and set 
> to auto-hide then mouse clicks miss above the intended component.

Thanks for the problem report.

I did some testing against Xserver 1.7.1 with xevent [1] and xdotool [2] to
position the mouse pointer, but I wasn't able to reproduce the behaviour you
are seeing.

I really have no idea how to get started using abbot to reproduce the
problem you see, a simple test case would help a lot here.


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