checkX problems

Lothar Brendel
Fri Nov 13 07:23:00 GMT 2009

Charles Wilson wrote:


> run.exe is peculiar. The first argument is the target, and IF the VERY
> NEXT argument is "-wait", run "usurps" that argument.  That is, run
> will invoke:
>    checkX <other args>
> and checkX will never see "-wait".  So, what does run.exe do with
> "-wait"? It...waits.  run.exe won't exit, until after the inferior
> does.

Could you please clarify an issue here? (Sorry, it seems, I wronged to 
``run'' in the previous posts.)

In a Windows command prompt (being somewhere on C:) I put the line
        \cygwin\bin\run -p /usr/bin sleep -wait 5
into a file ``dosleep.bat''. Executing that BAT-script (w/o any wrapper), it 
*does* sleep. Typing that very line directly at the prompt lets ``run'' 
return immediately, though. Can you confirm this behaviour?

>> Looking forward to reading your patches to address any of these
>> problems.
> It shouldn't be too hard to add an option to checkX to make it "retry"
> if ECONNREFUSED. This would have to manually track the elapsed time
> for each attempt, charging against the specified -t <waittime>.

Another possibility would be an option ``-n'' to specify the number of 

> Just
> look at run2-0.3.0/lib/checkX.c::try_with_timeout().  Some function
> signatures might need to be changed in order to pass opt.retry down
> to that level, but it'd be a nice short project for someone.
> I'll try to get to this but it'll be a few weeks, unless somebody
> sends me a patch sooner.

I'd volunteer for that. How/where do I upload?


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