checkX problems

Lothar Brendel
Thu Nov 12 23:02:00 GMT 2009

Jon TURNEY wrote:


> Fortunately, the X server
> binds it's socket pretty early in the startup, so this probably works
> pretty well, but in theory at least there is still a possible timing
> window in startxwin.bat.

Yep, and in my setup the X server *always* comes up too late.

> So it perhaps be useful if checkX retried the XOpenDisplay()
> periodically until the timeout was up (as xinit does)

In principle, the script calling checkX could do that, because ``checkX'' 
has return status 1 if it couldn't connect. But as I already pointed out 
``startxwin.bat'' uses ``run'' as a wrapper for ``checkX''. => Definitely no 
waiting and no passing on of the status of ``checkX'' to %errorlevel%, as 
``run'' immediately goes background (unless called from an xterm, dunno 

Since more people seem to have this problem (cf. also Olivia's post), I 
repeat my question (essentially already posed by Ken Brown: Why 
using ``run'' at all? If we really need a wrapper (do we?) wouldn't ``sh'' 
be a better one?

To push this even further: Do we really need two *independent* scripts, 
``starxwin.bat'' and ``''? Why can't the former just delegate to 
the latter?


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