Can't read lock file

Wed Nov 11 07:40:00 GMT 2009

I have made no alterations/ patches/ amendments and have a completely 
current [1.7] system.

For all of
    cygwin1.7.61.dll - cygwin1.7.64.dll
the command
    run XWin
fails with a reference to /vat/log/XWin.0.log which reads
    Can't read lock file /tmp/.X0.lock

But when reverting to
everything goes ahead smoothly and correctly and I can start a X 
terminal etc.

Q1. Is it still the case that this problem is "not well understood" as 
in this reference?

(My experiments with possible cause/ cure are confounded because on 
Machine 1 I have NTFS filesystems but lack administrator rights and on 
Machine 2 where I am Administrator, all filesystems are FAT32.)

Q2. Is there anything obvious in the progression from cygwin1.7.60.dll 
to cygwin1.7.61.dll that might explain why the start command run XWin 
works with 1.7.60 and fails with 1.7.61?


Q3. Confession: I am completely confused by all recent posts about LANG, 
locale and all the rest. Are fiddling with LANG or applying patches such 
as described at
fixes intended to address problems starting XWin?

Thank you.


PS Not quite "finally". Can I please ask a 4th question:

Q4 Why are questions about X specifically directed to a different 
mailing list? Apart from occasional high-frequency dialogue as at 
present, posts about X are (or seem to me to be) no more frequent than 
posts about grep or ls or chmod or ... . The "main" Cygwin list has a 
much higher readership and posts directed there might generate many 
useful hints, tips, experiences, fixes or even solutions?

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