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Fri Nov 6 21:08:00 GMT 2009

On 15/08/2009 22:14, Jon TURNEY wrote:
> On 15/08/2009 21:51, J. Offerman wrote:
>> I'm trying to build the server. At the end, I see XWin.exe is created
>> but it doesn't seem right. I see one error in the build log.
>> So, I see it links every .o file with *.la files to create ./XWin.exe
>> and then it links every *.o files with a bunch of *.a files to create
>> .libs/XWin.exe and then ... what should happen next?
> Not quite right, I think.
> ./XWin.exe is a small wrapper generated by libtool which executes
> .libs/XWin.exe (I believe for doing special things if needed to find
> libtool libraries which are not yet installed)
>> ../../libtool: line 9203: ./XWin.exe: Permission denied
> I've seen this on some occasions, I've never quite got around to trying
> to work out why it happens.
> afaik, since this wrapper isn't doing anything useful for you in this
> particular case, you can invoke .libs/XWin.exe directly and it should
> just work.

I think I've finally found out why these "Permission denied" errors occur.

It seems to be caused by the XWin.exe.manifest file we store in the same 
directory (it's not shipped as it's embedded into the final executable using 
the resource compiler)

Presumably the manifest is incompatible with the libtool wrapper executable in 
some way and we get this unhelpful error message.

If you remove the manifest file, the libtool wrapper executes without problems.

Since the name of the manifest file is not significant when it is compiled 
using the resource compiler, perhaps we should rename it to avoid this 
problem, or keep it in a subdirectory.

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