'run xterm' fails to open a window

Florent Fievez mailing@fievel.be
Thu Nov 5 08:47:00 GMT 2009


First thanks for taking time to answer me, it now works but I don't
understand very well why ...
However that's not a problem, it's just my mind which like to know ...

2009/11/5 Linda Walsh <cygwin@tlinx.org>:
>> Yes, it works without problem but a cmd window remain and that is
>> annoying.
> ---
>        Maybe you can close the cmd window after it starts...
>        Yeah, still a pain...

No it kills subprocesses, so if I close that window, rxvt will close.

>        I'm not a windows.cmd language expert, but....
> ---
>        I don't know if it would make a difference, but I use
> DISPLAY=":0"  (I only have 1 display, so the extra ".0" should
> be superfluous).  But also ":0" should connect via a local socket
> instead of using IP.  Do you have any firewall products that could
> be blocking traffic to or from 127.0.0.x?

For the firewall, it's completely disabled on my computer and I can
export display from other host to my computer without any problems.
With DISPLAY=:0 (in both bash and cmd script, *it works*), so thank
you but I'm not understanding the source of my problem.

>> if defined CYGWIN_ROOT goto :OK
>> set CYGWIN_ROOT=%~dp0
> ----
>        Not sure what ~dp0 is supposed to do.  ??

~dp0 return the path of current script, it's like you do a :
myDir=`dirname $0`
pushd $myDir

Best regards,

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