Problem installing cygwin/X on vista sp2 64bit

Linda Walsh
Wed Nov 4 00:51:00 GMT 2009

Massimo Giovannini wrote:
> Hi,
> I have always installed and used cygwinX on my windows Xp 
> machines without any problem.
> I have been trying to install on my new Vista 64 bit laptop 
> and I cannot figure out what is going wrong. 

   W e l c o m e   t o   V i s t a !


I've been going through similar pains playing with a still not fully
functional Vista machine (still awaiting a Win7 upgrade as well).  

Even though you got the standalone X-server to work, FWIW, on
Vista, you could also be running into permission problems even as
Admin.  Many files and directories don't have write permission enabled
for Admin.  To enable them you have to 'get violent' with Vista  and
reclaim directories you want write access to by taking over their
ownership and then making it so you have r/w access.  If you do this,
take care to note the original owner and/or accesses to make sure that
any group/ID that had access before ('TrustedInstaller', 'SYSTEM') also
has the same (usually full control) access after you take ownership.

The prompt in your cygwin window being 'broken' is possibly a symptom
of that.  By default, I found that I couldn't add files to my root
directory (a good thing, actually, too many apps still try to install
stuff there, and a default "no files" prevents accidental clutter).

Just thought I'd add an addendum, though looks like Larry gave you
the exact solution you needed.


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