'run xterm' fails to open a window

Linda Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Tue Nov 3 23:46:00 GMT 2009

Gery Herbozo Jimenez wrote:
> Thanks for your answer and explanation. I just press the Xserver icon and
> t hen the xterm (most of the time) appears. If not, I press the xterm
> icon.  Simple like that. I don't write "run" or something like that in
> anycase.
   Oddly enough, I find the menu items less reliable (by grouping):

   Under cygwin:
      - MinTTY, rxvt-unicode-xS, rxvt-unicode-xC:     work
      - rxvt-x, rxvt-native   (*pseudo* work: come up w/poopy doublewide-font)

   Under cygwin/cygwin-X 
      - oclock works, but not xclock.
      - rxvt works (perversely, w/double-wide chars)
      - none of the rest work

   Under cygwin/cygwin-X/Toys:
      - glxgears, xeyes, xlogo, ico    ---  all work
      - xgc doesn't work from menu   (but does from Bash).

   Under cygwin/cygwin-x/tools:
      - only xev and xrefresh work
      - idle gives a path-not-found message (may not be installed)
      - the rest give no output, but start a process (that sits in
        background until I kill it).

   Under cygwin-xgames, texteroids brings up a window, then immediately
      exits.  From bash, I see the error message:

         |  %% DPS Client Library Warning:
         |     Auto-launching DPS NX agent.
         |  %% DPS Client Library Warning:
         |     FAILED to auto-launch:
         |     dpsnx.agent
         |  texteroids: DPS is not available.
         |  You need an X server with the DPS extension, or a DPS NX agent.
> Hope this helps.

   In some way.  It lets me know that my reasoning for doing
workarounds, that I implemented years ago, were done for good
reason.  The default menu items don't work reliably in some
environments (like mine).  

   It is interesting to check out things I didn't even know I had 
installed! :-)

   I don't regard any of the above that don't work as 'bugs', as I 
don't know what some of them are *supposed* to do, and it could easily be
I have something interfering in my path.  I'd have to go through each menu
item in its properties and figure out why they didn't work before I'd call
them a bug -- some may be left over menu items that didn't get deleted
"properly' when an app was moved or uninstalled.  

   I see at least a few, in my setup, that still reference 
/usr/X11R6/bin for executables, when their executable is now under 
/usr/bin (though some executables are under my /usr/X11R6/bin -- maybe 
alien binaries; again, I'd only report something as a bug if I was
pretty sure it wasn't unique to my setup;  I do too many non-standard
things; :-) ).

   I don't know how the shortcut got left around, so I certainly 
wouldn't report it as "bug" or problem to the cygwin list.

   Another potential source of problem I found today, while playing

I had the  setting of LANG set to incorrect value 'en_US.utf8', but it
should be 'en_US.utf-8' for some applications that 'care'.  :-)

Same could could for CTYPE or some of the LC prefixed vars -- if they are
set incorrectly it might prevent one of the X utils opening properly when
called by run.

To set those values, you need to alter them in 'System properties',
Advanced -> "Environment Variables".  I have LANG in my "System variables"
section, but DISPLAY, I made a 'User' variable.  I see LANG being SYSTEM
wide.  I see DISPLAY as only being valid with my login as it's only
when I login that the Xserver is started (I autostart it via a shortcut
in my Programs->Startup Menu group).

Linda Yakinalotski

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