'run xterm' fails to open a window

Gery Herbozo Jimenez gamejihou@hotmail.com
Tue Nov 3 19:33:00 GMT 2009

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Hi Linda=2C
Thanks for your answer and explanation. I just press the Xserver icon and t=
hen the xterm (most of the time) appears. If not=2C I press the xterm icon.=
 Simple like that. I don't write "run" or something like that in anycase.
Hope this helps=2C

> Date: Tue=2C 3 Nov 2009 11:12:36 -0800
> From: cygwin@tlinx.org
> To: mailing@fievel.be
> CC: cygwin-xfree@cygwin.com=3B gamejihou@hotmail.com
> Subject: Re: 'run xterm' fails to open a window
> Florent Fievez wrote:
>> I've exactly the same issue=2C so if you find a solution=2C please post =
it ! =3B-)=20
>> 2009/11/3 Ken Brown <kbrown@cornell.edu> wrote::
>>> "'run xterm' fails to pen a window":
>>> I don't know if this is a problem with run=2C or xterm=2C or=20
>>> something else.=20
>>> ...
>>> Obviously I have no good reason to want to start an xterm via 'run xter=
m' in
>>> an xterm window=2C but this issue is causing problems in a script I'm w=
>>> [Briefly=2C I have a desktop shortcut with target '\path\to\run.exe bas=
h -c
>>> foo.sh'. The script foo.sh calls xterm=2C which starts with no visible
>>> window=2C exactly as above.]
> ---
> I have two responses=2C 1=2C mostly to Florent Fieves=2C the other to bot=
> Florent=2C and Ken Brown who wrote that he also has the problem=20
> 1) to Florent Fievee=2C (you don't need to answer if you have no good
> reason=2C but if you do=2C I'm curious as to your reasoning) --=20
> Why did you copy Ken's complete note as into your response=2C when you
> simply has to say "me too"?
> 2) to both Florent and Ken?
> In addition to Gery Herbozo Jimenez's response and question to you=2C
> ( "Have you tried just starting the XWin server first and the the
> xterm? it looks like the X server doesn't recognize that line
> command." )=2C=20
> a) Have you tried starting 'xterm' without 'run' ?=20
> b) I see you have started 'Xwin'. Do either of you know what display
> 'XWin' started itself on?=20
> If you specified no value=2C it probably created the display ":0.0".
> If you then open a 'client' program that needs to attach to your
> Xwin display=2C "you" need to ensure that the new client knows what
> "X display" your client connects to (usually=2C ":0.0"). A well
> behaved X client won't make assumptions about what display to use.
> If you were running entirely under *nix=2C any X clients you opened
> afterwards would use the the display passed in the Environment via
> 'DISPLAY'. However=2C both of you appear to be starting Xwin with
> no preset value of 'DISPLAY' AND passing>>NO<< (of=20
> DISPLAY) to the 'X client' program=2C 'xterm'=2C in order to tell it
> what 'X display' to use.
> You both appear to be doing the same thing. You both start an Xserver
> in background (which is normal and what I do as well). You then appear
> to be starting a client ('xterm')=2C in a separate "session" (an empty
> Xsession=2C with no display). In order for an X client to display to=20
> an Xserver=2C it needs to know what display to open it's output window
> on.
> Suggestions:=20
> 1) Don't use the cygwin command 'run.exe' unless you are
> calling Windows programs.=20
> 2) Explicitly tell xterm what display to use. Set the value of
> the environment var 'DISPLAY' before you all xterm.
> Ex. Using the Windows 'Run' command (from the start menu=2C using the
> builtin Windows 'Run' option on the start menu):
> <Your cygwin path>\bin\bash.exe -c 'DISPLAY=3D:0 xterm'
> for cygwin path=3D'C:\cygwin':
> C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c 'DISPLAY=3D:0 xterm'
> or
> C:\cygwin\bash\bash.exe -c 'xterm -display :0'=20
> for cygwin path=3D 'C:\': (my value)
> C:\bin\bash.exe -c 'DISPLAY=3D:0 xterm'
> or
> C:\bash\bash.exe -c 'xterm -display :0'=20
> The above two commands work on WinXP and Vista under the 1.5.x series
> of Cygwin.=20
> Linda
>  		 	   		 =20
Deja que Sietes te ense=F1e todo los secretos de Windows

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