xf86vmode.h missing

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Sun Nov 1 17:42:00 GMT 2009

On 01/11/2009 10:20, Tobias KÀs wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to compile some old program (last update 2003) and it's
> failing due to a missing xf86vmode.h, in particular it's trying to use
> the XFree86-VidModeExtension via XF86VidModeModeLine,
> XF86VidModeGetModeLine and XF86VidModeGetViewPort.
> Does this API still exist or is it obsolete and has been replaced? If it
> still exists in which header/package can I find them? In case the API is
> obsolete it would be nice if you could point me to what replaced it.

This X extension is not supported on Cygwin, hence the corresponding 
headers and client library are not provided as they would serve no purpose.

If the program you're trying to build absolutely requires the 
functionality of XFree86-VidModeExtension, then you're out of luck. 
Usually, however, this is or can be made to be optional, depending on 
the nature of the program.


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