trouble with fonts

Wed Jul 29 17:41:00 GMT 2009

On 24/07/2009 10:29, Bert Thomas wrote:
>> Can you be a bit more specific about the nature of the remote host
>> with applications which have this problem? Have you seen the
>> applications render their fonts correctly on other remote X servers?
> I installed the X server package on the remote machine and that solved
> the problem. It's pretty silly, as the remote machine might not even
> have a physical screen attached, but it solved the problem. I assume
> because the X application I'm running uses fonts from a local source I
> guess?

Exactly.  One could describe this as package dependency problem with the 
unnamed distro you have on the remote machine, if it doesn't ensure that the 
fonts an application needs are installed when the application is...

> I don't understand this fully. I've red somewhere that X applications
> use a font server. Do they connect to this font server over the same
> connection as the X server? Thus, if I use a putty X tunnel, does that
> tunnel provide a path to the font server as well?

Font servers are deprecated, and I don't think can be used for client-side 
fonts.  I think you have arrived at the correct solution already by arranging 
for the correct fonts to be installed on the host where the application is 

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