patch for multiwindow support of _NET_WM_STATE_SKIP_TASKBAR

Wed Jul 29 17:41:00 GMT 2009

On 28/07/2009 07:14, Russell Davis wrote:
> I found a great patch on this list from back in January - see

I'm not sure if 'great' here means 'I like the idea of it' or 'I've tested it 
and it works well', but thank you :-)

> It would great to
> see that patch make it to the source tree, but as far as I can tell that hasn't
> happened. Anyone know any more details about that?

As it says at the end of that mail, "still needs more testing and work".

There's been a bit more work at [1], but beyond getting the patch itself to 
work correctly, it unfortunately seems that it also exposes some race 
conditions lurking in the -multiwindow code, which need also fixing before 
it's safe to include this patch, and somebody has to do that.


> Does someone just need to
> submit it to the cygwin-patches list?

No, the cygwin-patches list is for patches to the cygwin DLL.  This is the 
correct list for discussion of patches to the Cygwin/X server.

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