Trouble with the xwin and ms remote desktop

Matta, Sunil
Wed Jul 29 13:45:00 GMT 2009

I have been running Xwin on xp pro for a week along with xterms and
emacs on my desktop. 
I then tried to remote connect (ms remote desktop: mstsc.exe) to the
desktop from a laptop across the internet.
1) As soon as I had connected to my desktop (which was running xwin),
the xserver crashed. I could see the rest of the ms xp apps on the
remote screen though.
The laptop has a 14" screen whereas the desktop has twin 19" screens.
I then re-started the xserver from the remote laptop while connecting to
the desktop, which seemed to be working fine as long as I stayed on the
2) When I got back to my desktop, the xserver still thought that the
laptop's screen was in use, and wouldnt display correctly past the top
two thirds of screen 0.
I guess this makes sense since the xserver knew of the smaller screen
size when it was started during the remote session.
Consequently, anything on the bottom of the screen would not draw at
all, or refresh properly.
i.e. if I had an xterm on the lower end of the monitor, it would not
accept any key strokes until I moved the xterm to the top two-thirds of
the screen.
Is there any way to request Xwin.exe to dynamically "resize" itself
rather than bouncing the xserver a specific size/resolution profile ??
Otherwise, I might have to bounce the xserver every time i alternate
between the desktop and the laptop.
Sunil Matta

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