trouble with fonts

Thu Jul 23 20:15:00 GMT 2009

On 22/07/2009 19:30, Bert Thomas wrote:
>> I suspect that installing some fonts might solve your problem.
> Now I installed pretty much every font the cygwin setup shows, but same
> result.
>>> Fonts of certain programs (QT) appear as square blocks.
>>> The programs are running on a remote machine over a putty x11 tunnel.
>>> The "eagle" program you see in the background runs on another remote
>>> machine over another putty tunnel. That program behaves as expected.
>> Hmm, yes. It looks like that is using the server-side built-in font
>> successfully, whereas the Qt applications would be using client-side
>> fonts.

 > I don't know quite why this isn't working correctly. I wonder if the
 > character encodings aren't installed unless non-built in fonts are
 > installed, and if that might cause this...

Actually, on actually doing some testing, this idea is wrong.  I am able to 
run kdevelop from a remote Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) host via a ssh tunnel, 
displaying on the Cygwin/X server with no fonts installed and everything works 

When you start kdevelop or another problematic application from the remote 
shell, are there any warnings output?

> client side is remote side, right? Is there a way to convince the apps
> on the remote side to use the fonts on the server?

Can you be a bit more specific about the nature of the remote host with 
applications which have this problem?  Have you seen the applications render 
their fonts correctly on other remote X servers?

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