Why is remote client being rejected? AUDIT: XWin: client 4 rejected from IP

john@asyn.org john@asyn.org
Sun Jul 19 13:46:00 GMT 2009

On Sat, 18 Jul 2009, Linda Walsh wrote:

> Yes I've read the FAQ -- it doesn't help.  Is says:
> The problem is most likely a wrong DNS (Network name resolution). Make sure
> your windows host has a hostname which is valid from linux too and an IP
> address which linux can resolve to that hostname.
> ---
> 	What DNS resolution?
> If you add a line
> myhost
> to /etc/hosts on the XDMCP server with the IP address and the hostname of your
> windows host the name resolution should work.
> XDMCP server?  I'm not trying to connect to an XDMP server.
> I'm trying to open
> 'xosview&'
> on a remote host with DISPLAY=mycywin-window-machine:0.0
> (or machine:0), neither work.
> Yes I export the variable on the remote machine or I wouldn't be getting
> the rejected message in my local cygwin XWin /var/log/XWin.0.log file.
> It =works= if I let it connect through my 'ssh' connection but that's really
> connecting back to ssh on the cygwin machine and connecting, AFAIK,
> via the local socket or local host.
> I wanted to try connecting NOT through my ssh connection  so I could close the
> ssh connection and have the remote xosview continue running.
> Thanks for ideas...
> Linda

Have you added the client to your X server's acl? See xhost(1)

Also, running your X client in the background does not disconnect it from
the terminal from which you launched it. If you close the terminal, the
client app will die.

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