We just found you a position

Jeff Carter Ecclesiasticus@bluemoonring.net
Thu Jul 16 20:43:00 GMT 2009

Hey there!

Did you know about this? I read it and I was like,
can I do this? And then I tried - and it is great.


It's the simplest way to earn a few extra bux on
your time. Simple-Easy-Fun. If I can do it - you
can do it.

Start living for yourself and not some boss.

You can get all the details here:

Start today and leave the rats in the race.

Jeff Carter

ps - you'll never get ahead signing the
backs of those paychecks. For Elimination follow here:
P.O. Box 150181
Altamonte Springs, FL 32715

To say goodbye to us forever and no longer hear from us, please follow this. http://Ecclesiasticus.bluemoonring.net/c/u/1/201/234320

Or, you can send us a line at 6005 S Eastern Ave #3 Las Vegas, Navada 89119, simply print this email and return or simply reply.

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