Often lose window decoration when restore from standby

KARR, DAVID (ATTCINW) dk068x@att.com
Mon Jul 13 19:35:00 GMT 2009

I'm using Cygwin 1.5.25 on WinXPSP2, along with Cygwin-built GNU Emacs

I run startxwin.bat on system startup.  After it comes up, I run Emacs,
and I get a good window with normal Windows-based window decorations.
My Windows shortcut does this:

   C:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -geometry 1x1 -ls -cd c:\cygwin\home\dk068x -e
/usr/bin/bash -l -c /usr/bin/emacs

I often find that after I restore from Standby, I see an odd symptom, in
that the Emacs window no longer has any window decorations.  The edge of
the Emacs menu bar is the edge of the window.  If I kill the Emacs
process and start it again from the shortcut, even that doesn't fix it.
What fixes it is killing the Xwin process, rerunning startxwin.bat, and
then rerunning Emacs.

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