fastpath 0 -> xterm?

Mon Jul 6 18:25:00 GMT 2009

On 29/06/2009 19:29, Tom Roche wrote:
> Since I'm not seeing this in the FAQ, I wanted to propose the
> following item: what would be required to go "from zero to xterm"?
> I.e. from a Cygwin-less windows box (windows>= 2k) to getting a
> Cygwin/X xterm up on one's screen?
>  From my recent experience, it seems to me the "minimal install"
> would be
> 0<whatever setup.exe wants to install by default/>
> 1 font-misc-misc
> 2 font-alias
> 3 ncurses
> 4 xinit
> 5 xterm

I've adjusted the package dependencies for xterm so now the needed things to 
start it without warnings should be installed automatically

> Perhaps someone else can test the following underdetailed (fastpath/
> debug-free) 10-step procedure to "go from zero to xterm":

Yes, as pointed out elsewhere, something like this is probably most 
appropriate in the Cygwin/X User's Guide.  Patches welcome :-)

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