Cygwin 1.7 hangs with my .xinitrc

Mon Jul 6 15:15:00 GMT 2009

On 04/07/2009 17:48, David A Bagley wrote:
> Hi
> I like to start X with a whole bunch of windows instead of creating each
> time.  In Cygwin 1.5 I did this with no problem.
> In 1.7 this hangs.   It hangs in a way where I can't open anything else
> and have to pull the power to computer.  If I comment out all the xterm's
> it works fine.

What an interesting .xinitrc :-)

I can reproduce the problem using it.  I seem to end up with a few of the 
xterms spinning somewhere and trying to use 100% CPU, and outputting the 

No protocol specified
xterm Xt error: Can't open display: :0

After inserting 'sleep 1' into the .xinitrc before each xterm seems to start 
up without trouble, so I guess there's some sort of timing condition 
somewhere, although I've no idea where...

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