Mouse chording question

Thu Jul 2 10:42:00 GMT 2009

On 02/07/2009 05:50, Peter Scott wrote:
> Hello.  I would like to migrate from eXceed to Cygwin for the
> performance improvement,

What performance improvement?

The performance/price ratio is infinitely better, ofc :-)

 > but there is a feature I currently have that I
> have not figured out in Cygwin yet. I want MB1+MB3 to generate paste (as
> in MB2).
> Bear with me. I have a Logitech 3-button mouse on Windows XP and the
> Logitech Windows software that maps MB2 to double click - this happens
> for XP windows and X windows alike. So in order to paste with the mouse
> in the X windows, I tell eXceed to map the MB1+MB3 chord to MB2. This
> works; I can paste with that chord.
> But I have not been able to do this with Cygwin yet. I tried
> -emulate3buttons with and without a timeout argument, and it has no
> effect (tried all combinations of mouse buttons). If I turn off the
> Logitech MB2 mapping to double click, then MB2 pastes, but that won't do.

The -emulate3buttons option should be doing precisely what you want; it 
emulates a middle-mouse button press when the left and right mouse buttons are 
pressed 'near simultaneously' (i.e. within the timeout specified).

This works for me.

How are you supplying -emulate3buttons to the server?  Remember you will need 
-clipboard as well if you are trying to paste something copied from a Windows 

The other possibility is perhaps that the Logitech mouse software you have 
installed is somehow interfering with the timing of mouse events to prevent 
-emulate3buttons working, although I can't quite imagine how.

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