xterm process exists but no window appears when XWin Server launched (current release)

Timares, Brian (Harris Corp.) Brian.Timares@va.gov
Wed Dec 30 17:53:00 GMT 2009


After a fresh install of 1.7 including the startxwin and run2 changes
when I launch Cygwin-X an xterm process is running, but I see no window.
cygcheck shows 2 potential conflicts (see bottom of email)


I deleted all of cygwin, and installed fresh, getting the release of 1.7
(Cygwin/X X Server says 1.7.3).  I updated this morning, Dec 30,
restarted and didn't sign on to the VPN (essentially Cisco). McAfee
Agent 4, BlackIce, and Pointsec whole-drive encryption are installed,
Window Firewall is off.

I launched Start > Programs > Cygwin-X > XWin Server, which is
C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c /usr/bin/startxwin.exe

I got XWin.exe and xterm.exe as processes in the Task Manager but no
window appeared.  The X icon appeared in the icon tray (is that the
right term? The lower right area next to the time).  Selecting xterm
from its right-click popup didn't work (no window, no additional

I have enclosed the XWin.0.log renamed to XWin.0-bt20091230.log, I have
marked off the lines that appeared after I force-quit the non-appearing
xterm.  I have also enclosed the results of cygcheck -s -v -r >

What did work was launching Start > Programs > Cygwin > Cygwin Bash
Shell, and nohup xterm & (so I could close the bash shell), which is
where I ran the cygcheck.


WinXP SP3, I installed every font I could find in Setup :), I didn't
even think of changing anything after the install, I made sure I had the
latest versions announced as of this morning.

I checked the FAQ, looked over the XWin.0 log, looked over the cygcheck
output which shows:
Sonic Solutions burning software containing DLA component
Detected: Named process.

ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall
Detected: HKLM Registry Key, Named file.

I had rebooted since last I used the Sonic Solutions (I can remove it if
it is worth trying), the ZoneAlarm I have no control over (nor the other
security-related items).

I hope this is enough and complete, but if not, let me know!

Brian Timares
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