What is correct way to start xterm from .XWinrc?

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert@alum.mit.edu
Wed Dec 30 01:08:00 GMT 2009

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 9:17 AM, Jim Reisert AD1C
<jjreisert@alum.mit.edu> wrote:

> My .XWinrc file has this menu line:
>        "xterm"      EXEC  "xterm -e tcsh"
> Since my default shell in /etc/passwd is /bin/tcsh, why should I need
> to specify it here also?  If I don't specify it, a new xterm doesn't
> execute my ~/.cshrc file.  I do not have a ~/.login or ~/.profile
> file.
> What is the right way to do this?

Using the new startwin.exe in my Startup folder shortcut:

   C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c /usr/bin/startxwin.exe

My .XWinrc now has simply:

  "xterm"      EXEC  "xterm"

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