Error in Xwin with Windows 7 (Cygwin 1.7)

Fabrício Silva
Mon Dec 14 14:23:00 GMT 2009

Hi fellows,
 We are developing an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for
Nokia Maemo Platform and it uses some cygwin features like Xwin. We
decide to try our product with cygwin 1.7 beta version, but we are
facing one problem with Xwin, see:
Problem description:
  The Xwin fails while displaying maemo application UI  and it handles
a mouse click event, it shows a segmentation fault error. The same
application runs fine in cygwin (20090222)
   Well, It possible that you may not have been introduced to maemo
development, but to summarize, we have a "device emulator" program
that runs and shows in a XWindow the device screen, so we can run GUI
applications and see the results on this screen.
 - SO: Windows 7
 - Cygwin (10701000)
 - Installed Packages:  xorg server, xinit, xpdinfo.
 - Workstation: Notebook Dell, Vostro, 4Gb, Display 1280 x 800 (true
Color 32 bits),

  1) Start maemo maemosdk platform: it shows the maemo device screen
in a Xwindow
  2) Run a maemo application: a simple C++ graphic application.
  3) Click in application title, the button "say hello button" will be
shown, click on it.
  4) Verify the error screen.
We had problems to post the attachments, so please see logs and
pictures available in bug tracker:
 You can get more details about IDE Integration project at and maemo
development at

Fabrício Silva Epaminondas

Enterprise/Mobile Software Engineer at
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