font issues on Windows 7?

Michael Feig
Tue Dec 8 13:46:00 GMT 2009


I have a problem with spurious pixels showing up in my xterm window 
with the latest 1.7-beta on Windows 7.

I open a new xterm (after starting Xwin in multiwindow mode) with:

xterm -sb -sl 1000 +tb -fg white -bg black -font

Initially, all is well, but eventually I get more and more spurious
pixel-size dots on the left-most line of a character box. Usually, 
this affects only the first column, but I have seen it in other columns as
well. It's a bit hard to describe but the net effect is that
after using a window for a while there is effectively an irregularly dotted
line between the left scrollbar and the first character column,
and typically the prompt '$' will have a few dots on the left side of the
character. It may not show up with a white-background
window and it's not really a big deal but it does get annoying after a

I never seen this problem before when I used previous versions of Cygwin/X
on Windows XP.

Does anybody else have a similar experience?



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