how do I get help if I can't figure out how to do anything?

Michael Breuer
Fri Dec 4 15:41:00 GMT 2009

Have you looked at the troubleshooting documentation? You know you can 
run with verbose and log options. My guess is that the reason the 
display can't be opened is made reasonable clear in your log file(s).
I'm also going to hazard a guess that your xserver doesn't have opengl 
Wendel Dean Renner wrote:
> Do you have a list of consultants? And it is not like I am ignorant of 
> computers.  I write c++ code. Without help, who is going to be able to 
> use anything provided?
> Have managed to compile and link a Open GL, X/Motif program (using 
> lesstif) and
> get Error:  Can't open display.
> Need to be able to run program remotely on a ubuntu system.   I can't 
> get beyond connection refused.
> Ran xstartwin.bat and lost control c - control V on Windows.  
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