cygwin-x xterm not compatible with windows 7?
Thu Dec 3 21:46:00 GMT 2009

    I sent this post earlier this week and have not received any replies. 
If this is the wrong place to post this,
please let me know where I should.

Hi All:
    This is my first post here.  I've never had a problem I couldn't fix
with cygwin-x before.
    Here is the deal:

     I just bought a new PC with windows 7 64 bit, build number 7600,
version 6.1.
I downloaded a fresh install of cygwin and cannot get cygwin-x xterm
running.  Cygwin version is 1.7.0(0.218/5/3)

I tried running the cygwin-x XWin Server shortcut command line from a cmd
window to get the error output:

C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe /usr/bin/startxwin.bat

and see this:

"/usr/bin/xterm Xt error: Can't open display:"

this seems to be coming from this command in the batch file:
:\Users\princess>C:\cygwin\bin\\..\bin\run -p /usr/bin xterm -e
/usr/bin/bash -

usr/bin/xterm Xt error: Can't open display:

If I kill the server and run the script again, I'll get a
some sort of shared memory corruption.  I then have to restart the PC.  I
checked to see if there
was more than one cygwin1.dll in response to earlier posts about this error
and there is only one.

I tried turning off the windows firewall.  That helps in other ways, because
other cygwin network
utilities, such as nslookup were blocked until I did that.

I tried changing the display from to the IP address of the

Basically, I have a fresh machine with windows 7 and a fresh install of
cygwin and I can't get
xterm to work.  Anyone have any ideas?  Or is this just a windows 7 thing,
and I'll have to give
up on cygwin-x for a while?

BTW, other shortcuts in the cygwin-x start folder work, such as bitmap and
xcalc, just not the
Xwin server and xterm.

Thanks in advance,


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