xterm doesn't open on start (was: checkX problems)

Lothar Brendel lottas.junk@geekmail.de
Tue Dec 1 22:45:00 GMT 2009

Timares, Brian (Patriot) wrote:
> Lothar Brendel wrote:
>> Timares, Brian (Patriot) wrote:
>>> Lothar Brendel wrote:
>>> $ checkX -v
>>> run2 0.3.0
>> So, you've got the situation I surmised in
>> http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-xfree/2009-11/msg00200.html
> Grr, I saw that, went and _thought_ I got the right version but
> it seems the right version wasn't avaiable at the time and
> I got fooled by the 0.3.0-1 to think 0.3.1.  I have carefully
> upgraded, and when running Setup17.exe I saw it wanted to
> revert, but I didn't let it.

Exactly, the "evil setup" tries to revert it to 0.3.0-1 every time. Quite 
easy to forget keeping an eye on that when tinkering with other packages.

> The X window showed up, but it blew up real good (the windows
> disappeared, then the X icon.  After a reboot....it
> didn't launch at all.  I ran startxwin.sh from the Cygwin Bash
> Shell, and it started.

At least we're getting *somewhere* :-)

Ok, what happens when entering the two vital commands by hand in the the 
Cygwin Bash Shell (waiting with the second until the X-icon has appeared)?

XWin -multiwin &
xterm -display :0

Reproducible success?


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