xterm doesn't open on start (was: checkX problems)

Timares, Brian (Patriot) Brian.Timares@va.gov
Tue Dec 1 14:47:00 GMT 2009

Lothar Brendel wrote:
>Timares, Brian (Patriot) wrote:
>> Just to be clear from the start, Cygwin 1.7 not 1.5.

*blush*  Sorry!

>Thus, once more: What does
>    md5sum /usr/bin/checkX
>a827086e9cbb331ef49d416b3cb1b135 or a36409714f5ce9d01e8dfb4cb38b7216?

The 2nd:

VHAISBTIMARB@isb-timaresbrian-lt ~
$ md5sum /usr/bin/checkX
a36409714f5ce9d01e8dfb4cb38b7216 */usr/bin/checkX

$ checkX -v
run2 0.3.0


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