drop-down menu with multiwindow option doesn't work

Langella Raphael raphael.langella@steria.cnes.fr
Tue Apr 7 15:17:00 GMT 2009

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> Objet : RE: drop-down menu with multiwindow option doesn't work
> Raphaël Langella wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm using Tecplot 360, a proprietary program written with a Motif 
> > toolkit. It runs on a Linux server and the display is a 
> win2k PC with 
> > cygwin X Server 1.5.3. The problem only happens with the 
> multiwindow 
> > option.
> > 	The problem is with the drop-down menu. When I click 
> it, it seems the 
> > menu appears behind the window and immediately disappear.
> > I made a screenshot of it but didn't attached it because 
> I'm not sure 
> > about the file attachment policy of the mailing list. 
> There's a grey 
> > rectangle that briefly appears under the window. It's plain 
> grey, with 
> > no text in it.
> > 	I understand that the problem is probably related to 
> the Windows wm, 
> > since it doesn't show up without the multiwindow option, but I was 
> > wondering if it's a known bug. Or maybe it's win2k specific?
> > 	I've got a workaround: rootless option and any Unix wm, 
> but I'd like 
> > to understand what is causing this problem.
> > Thanks for your attention.
> > 
> > Raphaël Langella
> I was waiting to see if you got a reply from someone else, as 
> I don't really have a solution for you.  However, Windows 
> seems to have real difficulties with Z-ordering: MS Word 
> opens a new document beneath an existing one, modal dialogs 
> often open below the parent window (which is a real PITA 
> because you can't move the parent!), always-on-top widgets 
> are often hidden below something else, and desktop widgets 
> obscure application windows. (Only MS has the resources to 
> screw up such a simple concept so
> comprehensively!)
> Having said that, I use emacs on X every day, and I can't 
> remember its menus ever appearing below the main window 
> (except perhaps a very early version of XWin.  The emacs 
> version I run was compiled to use the X toolkit.  I would 
> guess that when Motif creates the window for the menu, it's 
> not setting a hint which multiwindow mode requires in order 
> to force the correct Z-order.  It might be worth checking 
> what the difference is between Xt menu creation and Motif 
> menu creation.
> If that's the case, it's not clear where the "blame" lies.  
> It might be that Motif just happens to work on UNIX based 
> servers, and XWin just exposes a long-standing bug.  
> Conversely, it may be that XWin is misinterpreting the hints 
> that Motif sets up, and doesn't set up the Windows' window 
> with the correct flags.
> Perhaps Yaakov or Jon could shed more light on this?
> In the meantime, I think you've already found the best workaround.
> I suspect the reason the menu window disappears is because 
> your mouse is still in the parent window, and gives it the 
> focus, so Motif thinks you've moved off the menu and closes it.
> Phil
> -- 

I've sent this information to the editor but I doubt that they will help. And they are planning to move to qt, so I guesss I'll have to use this workaround until the next version.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your help. I'll keep you informed if anything else show's up.


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