XWin wrong fonts after update

Phil Betts Phil.Betts@ascribe.com
Wed Apr 1 17:30:00 GMT 2009

catia.lavalle@xxxxxxx.xxx wrote:
> I know I can always tell which packages are to be updated, what 
> if I do not what to?

You click on the second column until it says "Keep".  The interface 
could be more user friendly, but it does the job.  I've not updated 
this PC to X11R7 because I need a server with accelerated GL.  That 
hasn't stopped me from updating the rest of my cygwin packages.

The rest of your response was just a pointless and unwarranted rant.
Just follow the links I gave you, do what they tell you, and if 
you've still got a problem, we can start dealing with it.

> Even if I accept (which I do not really) that I was not enough careful
> in applying the update what should I do now: kill myself?

Erm... only if you really, really want to, and it has to be your own

> p.s. I did googled and I did look in the previous threads and I did
> not find any answer to my question, that's why am am asking.

I just googled too, for "fonts site:x.cygwin.com", and the first
result was the cygwin X FAQ that I previously listed.  The section on
updates includes what is almost certainly the answer to your problem.

If your problem genuinely is not covered by any of the links I gave 
you, then by all means post a follow-up, but in that case, you should 
tell us exactly what you *have* tried to resolve it, and why your 
problem isn't covered by the existing documentation.  If you don't
include that information, then we can only assume that the existing
answers are good enough, but that you've not read or tried them.

If you don't understand the documentation, then that is an equally 
valid point to raise.  I assume from your email that you are not a 
native English speaker, and so it's possible that the language could be
made simpler for you.  If this is the case for you, then you should 
say which parts need clarifying.

Remember, this is free software, written, maintained and supported by 
unpaid volunteers.  Nobody owes you anything.

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