drop-down menu with multiwindow option doesn't work

Langella Raphael raphael.langella@steria.cnes.fr
Wed Apr 1 15:21:00 GMT 2009

I'm using Tecplot 360, a proprietary program written with a Motif toolkit. It runs on a Linux server and the display is a win2k PC with cygwin X Server 1.5.3. The problem only happens with the multiwindow option.
	The problem is with the drop-down menu. When I click it, it seems the menu appears behind the window and immediately disappear. I made a screenshot of it but didn't attached it because I'm not sure about the file attachment policy of the mailing list. There's a grey rectangle that briefly appears under the window. It's plain grey, with no text in it.
	I understand that the problem is probably related to the Windows wm, since it doesn't show up without the multiwindow option, but I was wondering if it's a known bug. Or maybe it's win2k specific?
	I've got a workaround: rootless option and any Unix wm, but I'd like to understand what is causing this problem.
Thanks for your attention.

Raphaël Langella 

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