XWin wrong fonts after update

Phil Betts Phil.Betts@ascribe.com
Wed Apr 1 13:29:00 GMT 2009

catia.lavalle@xxxxxxx.xxx wrote:
> I've been using since ages cygwin and XWin (XWin :0 -clipboard
> -multiwindow) on a Win XP Prof 32bit and I had no problems at all.
> update of cygwin I did was some month ago (I do not know exactly
> Yesterday afternoon I did again an update (like I always did without
> looking at he home page of cygwin) and I have realized that the X.org
> was updated.

You can always tell which packages are going to be updated by clicking
the View button in setup.exe until the label next to it reads "Partial".
In fact, I wouldn't recommend updating without first checking that

You should then read the announcements for the packages about to be 
updated so that you're not surprised by any changes.  The X update was 
a VERY large one and came with quite a detailed announcement.

> The problem is since then a graphical application which is ssh
> from a remote linux machine, which was working until the update, now
> showing up with horrible (almost not readable) text fonts (Is there a
> way
> to attach a screenshot?).

There's no point.  Anyone subscribed to this list will already know
what your problem is.

> I have tried to do a new installation of cygwin on another machine. On
> the
> fresh installed machine the same application exports fine with the
> correct
> fonts.
> This means that the update is the problem.

No.  The problem is that you didn't do your research before updating,
and once you had the problem, you don't appear to have tried to find
out the answer before posting your question.

Please look in the announcements archive at
You should then check the FAQ here
and the user guide here

If you're still not sure what your problem is, before posting again
please search the archives of this mailing list at
where the topic has been discussed MANY times.

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