XWin wrong fonts after update

catia.lavalle@bechtle.com catia.lavalle@bechtle.com
Wed Apr 1 12:46:00 GMT 2009


I've been using since ages cygwin and XWin (XWin :0 -clipboard 
-multiwindow) on a Win XP Prof 32bit and I had no problems at all. Last 
update of cygwin I did was some month ago (I do not know exactly when). 
Yesterday afternoon I did again an update (like I always did without 
looking at he home page of cygwin) and I have realized that the X.org was 
The problem is since then a graphical application which is ssh tunneled 
from a remote linux machine, which was working until the update, now is 
showing up with horrible (almost not readable) text fonts (Is there a way 
to attach a screenshot?). 

I have tried to do a new installation of cygwin on another machine. On the 
fresh installed machine the same application exports fine with the correct 

This means that the update is the problem.

So how to get it work now?


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