Problems with Cygwin/X xterm -- not responding to keyboard

Tue Nov 25 14:46:00 GMT 2008

mohnkern wrote:
 > Back, Michael wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >> I'm having a problem since I updated Cygwin early last week.  When I start
 >> X via startxwin.bat (which %RUN%'s an xterm), or run xterm from
 >> right-click on the tray icon, or create a new xterm from Cygwin Prompt
 >> (cygwin.bat), none of these xterms will respond to keyboard.  I can start
 >> rxvt from the Cygwin prompt (cygwin.bat) & get that to respond to
 >> keyboard, but not if I include the %RUN% rxvt in startxwin.bat.
 > I'm encountering the same problem, the Xterm Window comes up fine, but I
 > can't get any response from the keyboard.

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