Bad XTerm Vim coloring

Thomas Dickey
Mon Nov 24 20:50:00 GMT 2008

On Mon, 24 Nov 2008, Nick Deubert wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> First off thanks for your hard work on cygwin/X it is very
> appreciated. I upgraded to the new Xorg last week and I have had one
> really annoying issue ever since. Something about the new XTerm is
> messing up vim syntax coloring. With vim I have syntax on and
> background=dark and usually the coloring look like this:
> but now when I
> open a file in vim it looks like that for a split second then a ton of
> gibberish quickly scrolls in the right side of the vim ruler and when
> it stops my syntax is colors are all messed up and are colored like
> this:
> Now I think this is a problem with XTerm not vim because when I ssh

I can't tell - but you can capture the output of vim using 'script' and
we can inspect the output of vim, to see if it is well-formed.

(While it's possible that cygwin's xterm is configured with different
options than on some other system, xterm should ignore - not echo -
well-formed control sequences that it doesn't understand).

> into other machines and run vim there, with different configuration
> files, the same thing happens. Also if I remove my .vimrc and start
> vim, and manually do :syntax on and :set background=dark it seems
> fine. It seems like there could be something going on with the inital
> opening of vim and it talking to the xterm that is going weird. Also

vim may talk to xterm to find what the function-keys send (I added a few
new keys in the last version or so, but vim "shouldn't" be confused by
that...).  Seeing exactly what was written to the xterm would give some
clues - along with finding what configure options were used to build
the cygwin package for xterm.

Thomas E. Dickey

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