Problem with OpenGL on new X serverl

Florent Fievez
Fri Nov 21 09:52:00 GMT 2008


I have a crash when opening OpenGL. I have the same configuration than you :
ssh -X <host> ; XWin with glx extension activated.

Some of my investigations :

1. It's not caused by the X client OS (SunOS and Linux give the same crash)
2. It's not a problem with our application, glxinfo produce the same problem
3. It seems that the message "GetWindowProp - pWin or name was NULL"
is displayed before the crash, see my log in attachement.

I will download and check the XWin sources but I have not a lot of
time for debugging it so if someone have the same problem or want to
help me ...

Best regards,

2008/11/20 Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) <>:
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> Florent Fievez wrote:
>> I have a problem running new X server 1.5.3 with openGL. Since this
>> update, X crash when launching an OpenGL client from SunOS server.
>> Since the application we are developing use OpenGL, it's a big problem
>> for me (I have to use an exceed commercial xserver for testing our
>> application).
>> So is there a known solution, patch or other to this issue ?
> I see that you do have the libGL1 package installed.  Could you please
> review my results with GLX:
> If you are still having issues, please attach your /var/log/XWin.log as
> well.
> Yaakov
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Florent Fievez
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