Connecting to an XServer with XWin

Tue Nov 18 00:52:00 GMT 2008

jose isaias cabrera wrote:
>> Are you looking for XWin.log in /var/log ?
> No.  /tmp.

Ok, please look for /var/log/XWin.log; does it contain anything interesting?

>> If you open a cygwin bash shell, type the command to run the X server,
>> you get
>> no output at all?
> Cygwin X server is running ok.  Well, xinit, is the way I start mine. 
> That works ok.  If you mean the command above, that is how I do it:  I
> open the cygwin bash DOS shell and I type the command above.

I wasn't sure what you meant by "Nothing gets written on the cygwin DOS screen"

I'm still a bit unclear if something or nothing gets written to the shell
window when you run xwin.

>> If you add -once to the command used to launch the server, does it
>> exit after
>> your first connection attempt? (if so, this tells me that the XDM or
>> whatever
>> you are trying to log in to is closing the connection when you type,
>> for it's
>> own reasons, or maybe it just doesn't like us anymore...)
> This command,
> XWin :0.0 -once -clipboard -query -fp tcp/
> exits the login screen once I hit any key in the user textbox.  Is there
> any way to get the previous setup? Maybe it has to do with the keyboard
> problem I have read very little of...

No, I think problem is that the XDM (if that's what it is) you're connecting
to is getting upset and closing the connection.

This email suggests a way of getting additional information about why XDM is
doing that:

If your keyboard wasn't working, then, logic suggests that nothing would
happen when you started typing your login.

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