XWin Server starting everything offscreen

Mark A. Ziesemer online@mark.ziesemer.com
Mon Nov 17 18:25:00 GMT 2008

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:

> I think that patch was already committed[1], but the code has clearly
> changed significantly from then.
> [1] http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-xfree/2003-05/msg00210.html

So can someone look into this, or at acknowledge that it's probably 
something that needs to be looked into - just so it's not forgotten about?

>> If possible, make the display on the left the primary and see if things get
>> better :)
> I like this solution. :-)

Yes, that fixes the "offscreen" problem, but then I think that 
everything started across the center border (not properly centered on 
the primary display, as previously described).  I'm not completely sure 
about this part, though, and I can't retest at the moment.

>> I agree it is clearly wrong, though.  Windows should be managing the location
>> of this dialog for us, though and should know enough not do that (X programs
>> think that the display is one big screen, and so can't know not to put dialogs
>> on the crack between screens)
> You'd certainly think so, this is a Windows dialog after all...

By default, having worked with a few of the Windows APIs, most center 
operations do default to centering on the primary display, not centering 
across the entire visible range.  There may be a flag that needs to be 
passed-in to do this, though - one that may currently be missing from 
the Cygwin sources.  Alternatively, are we sure that the source is 
allowing Windows to manage the location at all?  Maybe it is just 
related to the same calculation issue as above, and Cygwin is passing 
absolute x,y coordinates that cross the screen boundaries.

>> If you want -multiwindow mode, but only on 1 screen, something like "XWin
>> -screen 0 @1 -multiwindow" should work.

I tried using various -screen options, but tried passing in dimensions, 
not anything with the "@".  I didn't see that syntax described in the 
command-line options.  I will try it, but regardless, could you share 
some details or kindly refer me to any related documentation?

> I don't have a multihead setup, so I'm unable to test any of this.

I'm sorry.  Do you just not have one, or you don't want one?  :-)  There 
are proven studies that show a significant increase in productivity with 
the increased screen space / work area provided!

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