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Yaakov (Cygwin Ports)
Mon Nov 17 02:15:00 GMT 2008

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Jon TURNEY wrote:
> I've finished off a first pass at updating the cygwin-x-doc package I started
> some time ago.  Updating the text was a bit less traumatic than expected as it
> makes good use of entities for things like filenames and paths
> Interestingly there are CVS repositories for this package at both
> and at  The X.Org one seems to be more up to date, and
> seems to contain some (formatting) changes after the 1.0.4 package was made.

That's certainly possible, but given that X.Org CVS is obsolete (in
favour of git) and neither of us have X.Org commit privileges, I think
we should move development back to sourceware.

> For your reviewing convenience I've generated a patch of my changes
> against the X.Org CVS head, which can be found at:
> I've also built packages which are in the same directory.

Is it posssible to make a diff against sourceware CVS head?  Or maybe a
diff between X.Org CVS head and wherever the branchpoint was from

> I'm afraid I had to build this on a linux host.  I managed to get jadetex
> installed, but DSSSL stylesheets defeated me.  Ofc, when I gave up and built
> it on a linux host, I start trying to package it and notice the README says
> "build this on a linux host". :S

Docbook still needs some work on Cygwin, so that's not surprising.

> The keyboard stuff in FAQ section 5.1 probably needs more work bringing up to
> date, preferably by someone who understands how X keyboard stuff is supposed
> to work this decade, I'm afraid I've lost track.
> The installation guide contains some nice images of the setup program which
> date back to XFree86 times, and so didn't match the text even before I changed
> it.  Yet another thing for the todo list :-)

I never expected to catch everything up to years worth of changes
overnight. :-)

> One unrelated point: whilst reviewing the installation instructions I noticed
> that at the moment, xorg-server does not require xinit, so someone making a
> new installation (as oppposed to upgrading an existing one) may end up
> with no obvious means of starting the server after installing it?

It is possible to start XWin directly from console without xinit.  OTOH,
xinit depends on xorg-server, for obvious reasons, and there's really no
need to introduce a circular dependency here.

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