XWin Server starting everything offscreen

Uh Huh mikmod201@yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 00:02:00 GMT 2008

Mark A. Ziesemer wrote:
> When starting, the "X" taskbar button and tray icon appear, but no window
> is visible.  I did find that it's hiding off to the right, and can be 
> moved back by right-clicking on the taskbar, choosing move, then using a 
> combination of the mouse and arrow keys (neither works independently).
> While this may be a quick fix, the same happens for every additional 
> program opened, and every time I restart I have to repeat this all again.

Perfect, that's exactly what I'm seeing with multiple physical monitors
and multiwindow mode, with or without -multiplemonitors specified.

I thought the windows were invisible, but you're right, they actually start
up off the right hand edge of the primary monitor (which for me is the
laptop flat panel, located on the right).

If I use the 'Doze Settings dialog tab to switch the orientation of the
monitors (to say that the LCD is to the left of the external display), 
then the started windows are all visible on the desktop of the primary

> Additionally, items like the taskbar on the primary monitor cause an
> equal void to appear on the secondary monitor, as it is just one 
> continuous area that must fit on both screens.

I see that too; I had thought that particular behavior might be an
artifact of monitors of a dissimilar resolution. Apparently not.



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