nedit gives X-error of failed request - also issues with (x)emacs

Fri Nov 14 11:59:00 GMT 2008

Maarten Vanneste wrote:
> Hello again,
> Thanks for the help and feedback so far. However, I am still
> struggling with the keyboard issue, i.e. I cannot use it in any editor
> after updating the X11 package earlier this week. I have just updated
> once more (reinstalling the X11 package), rebooted, but that did not
> help either. I also ran "ash" and did /bin/rebaseall, but that did not
> change. I have no Microsoft Services for Unix installed either. The
> tmp/XWin.log looks similar as the one I sent two days ago.

Hi Maarten,

Sorry to see you are still having problems.

Can you start a cygwin bash shell, run "" and then copy and paste
the output into a mail? Also confirm that your keyboard doesn't work for you
when the X server is started in this fashion.

Oh, and satisfy my curiosity, are you really using a US keyboard, or a
Norwegian one?

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