Problems with keyb layout and fonts?

Angelo Graziosi
Thu Nov 13 18:32:00 GMT 2008

Jon TURNEY wrote:

> Can you check if you have the xkbcomp package installed (the upgrade should
> have done this automatically), and if xkbcomp is on your path and is runnable?

Obviously, it is installed (see attch.) in /usr/bin, and, for example,

$ xkbcomp.exe -help
Usage: xkbcomp [options] input-file [ output-file ]
Legal options:
-?,-help             Print this message
-a                   Show all actions
-C                   Create a C header file
-em1 <msg>           Print <msg> before printing first error message
-emp <msg>           Print <msg> at the start of each message line
-eml <msg>           If there were any errors, print <msg> before exiting
-dflts               Compute defaults for missing parts
-I[<dir>]            Specifies a top level directory for include
                      directives. Multiple directories are legal.
-l [flags]           List matching maps in the specified files

But I do not know how it should be used.

> I'm sorry I don't quite understand where these fonts came from.
> If it's something you've installed yourself,

No, I haven't other basic things, as fonts, installed!
For the sake of completeness, I have done a new clean, fresh reinstall,
only Basic+X11 (see attach.), only the 'minimum', but same results.

Note that 'bitstream' are used by default by rxvt, urxvt! See
app-defaults/Urxvt, app-defaults/Rxvt: in my .Xdefault I have only
changed the size. And these fonts works fine with X11R6.99 (see ref. [1]
in my OP).


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