Fixing problems with new X11

Thu Nov 13 17:50:00 GMT 2008

Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Nov 2008, Chuck wrote:
>> Second, I want to get rid of the toolbar/menu at the top of every xterm.
>> What config file change to I need to make to get rid of it permanently.
>> I don't want to have to specify +tb every time I run an xterm. I tried
>> adding "xterm*toolbar: false" to my ~/.XDefaults files but that didn't
>> work.
> I'd use the classname (XTerm) rather than the application name (xterm).
> Also, it's possible that the packager set a corresponding resource
> someplace (or there's some session resources interfering with the
> .XDefaults).  "appres XTerm" would show some of that...

What exactly am I looking for in the "appres XTerm" output? And what
file am I changing to get rid of the toolbar/menu if I find something?
Below is the output. Thanks.

*menubar.borderWidth:	0
*tekMenu*tekcopy*Label:	COPY
*tekMenu*tektext3*Label:	#3 Size Characters
*tekMenu*vtshow*Label:	Show VT Window
*tekMenu*tektextsmall*Label:	Small Characters
*tekMenu*vtmode*Label:	Switch to VT Mode
*tekMenu*tektextlarge*Label:	Large Characters
*tekMenu*tekpage*Label:	PAGE
*tekMenu*tekreset*Label:	RESET
*tekMenu*tektext2*Label:	#2 Size Characters
*tekMenu*tekhide*Label:	Hide Tek Window
*tekMenu.Label:	Tek Options
*VT100.font5:	9x15
*VT100.font3:	6x10
*VT100.font1:	nil2
*VT100.font4:	7x13
*VT100.font2:	5x7
*VT100.font6:	10x20
*vtMenu*cursesemul*Label:	Enable Curses Emulation
*vtMenu*autolinefeed*Label:	Enable Auto Linefeed
*vtMenu*hardreset*Label:	Do Full Reset
*vtMenu*visualbell*Label:	Enable Visual Bell
*vtMenu*appcursor*Label:	Enable Application Cursor Keys
*vtMenu*clearsavedlines*Label:	Reset and Clear Saved Lines
*vtMenu*bellIsUrgent*Label:	Enable Bell Urgency
*vtMenu*appkeypad*Label:	Enable Application Keypad
*vtMenu*tekshow*Label:	Show Tek Window
*vtMenu*poponbell*Label:	Enable Pop on Bell
*vtMenu*scrollbar*Label:	Enable Scrollbar
*vtMenu*scrollkey*Label:	Scroll to Bottom on Key Press
*vtMenu*tekmode*Label:	Switch to Tek Mode
*vtMenu*scrollttyoutput*Label:	Scroll to Bottom on Tty Output
*vtMenu*jumpscroll*Label:	Enable Jump Scroll
*vtMenu*cursorblink*Label:	Enable Blinking Cursor
*vtMenu*vthide*Label:	Hide VT Window
*vtMenu*allow132*Label:	Allow 80/132 Column Switching
*vtMenu*reversevideo*Label:	Enable Reverse Video
*vtMenu*titeInhibit*Label:	Enable Alternate Screen Switching
*vtMenu*altscreen*Label:	Show Alternate Screen
*vtMenu*keepSelection*Label:	Keep Selection
*vtMenu*autowrap*Label:	Enable Auto Wraparound
*vtMenu*activeicon*Label:	Enable Active Icon
*vtMenu*selectToClipboard*Label:	Select to Clipboard
*vtMenu*reversewrap*Label:	Enable Reverse Wraparound
*vtMenu*softreset*Label:	Do Soft Reset
*vtMenu.Label:	VT Options
*MenuButton*borderWidth:	0
*tek4014*fontLarge:	9x15
*tek4014*font2:	8x13
*tek4014*font3:	6x13
*tek4014*fontSmall:	6x10
*mainMenu*hpFunctionKeys*Label:	HP Function-Keys
*mainMenu*allowsends*Label:	Allow SendEvents
*mainMenu*backarrow key*Label:	Backarrow Key (BS/DEL)
*mainMenu*kill*Label:	Send KILL Signal
*mainMenu*num-lock*Label:	Alt/NumLock Modifiers
*mainMenu*redraw*Label:	Redraw Window
*mainMenu*scoFunctionKeys*Label:	SCO Function-Keys
*mainMenu*quit*Label:	Quit
*mainMenu*alt-esc*Label:	Alt Sends Escape
*mainMenu*logging*Label:	Log to File
*mainMenu*tcapFunctionKeys*Label:	Termcap Function-Keys
*mainMenu*meta-esc*Label:	Meta Sends Escape
*mainMenu*print*Label:	Print Window
*mainMenu*suspend*Label:	Send STOP Signal
*mainMenu*delete-is-del*Label:	Delete is DEL
*mainMenu*print-redir*Label:	Redirect to Printer
*mainMenu*continue*Label:	Send CONT Signal
*mainMenu*oldFunctionKeys*Label:	Old Function-Keys
*mainMenu*interrupt*Label:	Send INT Signal
*mainMenu*sunFunctionKeys*Label:	Sun Function-Keys
*mainMenu*toolbar*Label:	Toolbar
*mainMenu*8-bit control*Label:	8-Bit Controls
*mainMenu*hangup*Label:	Send HUP Signal
*mainMenu*sunKeyboard*Label:	VT220 Keyboard
*mainMenu*securekbd*Label:	Secure Keyboard
*mainMenu*terminate*Label:	Send TERM Signal
*mainMenu.Label:	Main Options
*SimpleMenu*menuLabel.vertSpace:	100
*SimpleMenu*Sme.height:	16
*SimpleMenu*BackingStore:	NotUseful
*SimpleMenu*HorizontalMargins:	16
*SimpleMenu*Cursor:	left_ptr
*SimpleMenu*borderWidth:	2
*fontMenu*fontescape*Label:	Escape Sequence
*fontMenu*font1*Label:	Unreadable
*fontMenu*font3*Label:	Small
*fontMenu*font-loadable*Label:	VT220 Soft Fonts
*fontMenu*fontsel*Label:	Selection
*fontMenu*font4*Label:	Medium
*fontMenu*render-font*Label:	TrueType Fonts
*fontMenu*font5*Label:	Large
*fontMenu*font-linedrawing*Label:	Line-Drawing Characters
*fontMenu*utf8-mode*Label:	UTF-8
*fontMenu*font6*Label:	Huge
*fontMenu*fontdefault*Label:	Default
*fontMenu*font2*Label:	Tiny
*fontMenu*font-doublesize*Label:	Doublesized Characters
*fontMenu*utf8-title*Label:	UTF-8 Titles
*fontMenu.Label:	VT Fonts
*form.Thickness:	0
*saveLines:	1024
*IconFont:	nil2

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