xhost command not found

Harry Zisko harryz@pobox.com
Thu Nov 13 17:33:00 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

I don't "speak" x-windows, so if I say something spectacularly stupid,
well.. enjoy the laugh.... :-)

I've been using Cygwin x-windows for a couple of years now. Yesterday,
I was having some problems, so I decided to run the cygwin setup and
see if there was anything new for the x-windows stuff. Found the new
stuff and installed it. Only 1 problem... how I invoke an x-window
seems to have changed.  Here is what I used to do. I'm running on
Windows XP Pro SP2

Start | Run... | startxwin
this would give me an 'X' icon down by the clock, and then a shell
window would open.
In the shell window, I would type:
xhost <host name of machine I'm going to connect to>
ssh <host name of machine I'm going to connect to>
(logon to host)
who am i  (to get my IP address - this is going through a VPN so it
changes every time)
export DISPLAY=<IP addr>:0.0
<run my application>

Now that I have the new code on my machine, I tried the 'startxwin'
command, it still works as before (at least from what I visibly see),
but the 'xhost <system name>' command gives the following error:
bash: xhost: command not found

I did a search on the 'cygwin' directory (and it's sub-directories)
for a file name of 'xhost', and nothing was found. Should I have an
'xhost' file somewhere?  Or is 'xhost' included in some other file? Or
do I need to configure a path?  Or use some command other than

As you can see, I'm as little confused, and would greatly appeciate
some assistance.


Harry Z.

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