The uncommon valor of Yaakov Selkowitz *amended*

Christopher Faylor
Wed Nov 12 18:53:00 GMT 2008

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 11:17:43AM -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>Yesterday, Yaakov released a new version of X for Cygwin, rectifying a
>long-standing problem in the Cygwin distribution.
>He was amazingly diligent in making sure that his upgrade did not break
>the Cygwin distribution.  His new packages are laid out in a more
>sensical fashion and attempt to rigorously provide a seamless upgrade
>experience.  It was impressive to see how hard he worked to make things
>In addition to that, I know that he knows full well that there will be
>lots of email from lots of users who used the old versions and now are
>confused by the modern installation.  There will undoubtedly be bugs and
>there will undoubtedly be repeated reporting of the bugs to the cygwin
>lists.  I know that he will be noting all of the problems and rectifying
>them where he can.  I've seen him do this with the already impressive
>list of packages that he maintains and I'm confident that he will bring
>this level of committment to the new Xorg release.
>I really want to commend Yaakov for what he has done here.  It is a
>relief to have the X packaging sorted out and to have active maintainers
>in the cygwin-xfree mailing list.  We've been without active participation
>in this project for many years.
>(Although if history replays itself Yaakov will soon get a job offer from
>a X-on-Windows company)
>Yaakov deserves 10 gold stars for what he has done here but I don't
>think that's enough to thank him for his work.  If you agree with me you
>might consider going to and donating
>something to Yaakov in appreciation of all of his hard work both with
>Cygwin/X and for the cygwinports project*.  I did that last week in
>anticipation of Xorg release.  I hope you will consider doing something

While I was writing the above I really wanted to also include an
additional big thanks to Jon Turney for contributing his technical
know-how to finally getting the Xorg server issues worked out.  But I

Going forward, Jon and Yaakov are going to be tag-teaming the
maintenance of Cygwin/X.  So thank you Jon and apologies for not
mentioning you in my original email.


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