X11R7.4 is broke

bali asur bali.asur@gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 17:18:00 GMT 2008

Noticing Yahov's e-mail about the new X11 releases, I have
been attempting to follow Yakov's upgrade path instructions.
The instruction seem to imply that the following packages
must be installed.

However apart from the first package, all xorg-x11-* packages
are not to be found in the cygwin setup repository.  It is tempting
to ask if anyone knows why, but I suspect only Yakov knows.

X-startup-scripts -> xinit
xorg-x11-bin-dlls -> libX11_6
xorg-x11-bin-lndir -> lndir

xorg-x11-devel -> libX11-devel
xorg-x11-f100 -> font-bitstream-dpi100
xorg-x11-fcyr -> font-misc-cyrillic
xorg-x11-fenc -> font-encodings
xorg-x11-fnts -> font-bitstream-dpi75
xorg-x11-fscl -> font-bitstream-type1

xorg-x11-man-pages* -> xorg-docs
xorg-x11-{nest,vfb,xwin} -> xorg-server



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