nedit gives X-error of failed request - also issues with (x)emacs

Wed Nov 12 12:27:00 GMT 2008

Maarten Vanneste wrote:

> I am not doing anything different as before. The Xemacs editor opens
> fine, however, I had to install additional fonts as it became nearly
> impossible to read the scripts. I just found out that I however cannot
> type into the editor, same for emacs.

The problem where the keyboard doesn't appear to work may be caused if you
have XKEYSYMDB=/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XKeysymDB environment variable.  The
startxwin.bat batch file should have been updated to remove this by the
upgrade, but if you have a different way of starting the server it may still
be in your environment. If it is, remove it :-)

> I am quite keen on nedit for some reason or another, so I would prefer
> using nedit instead. I have not encountered anything like this prior
> to the latest update, but it is quite frustrating.
> After the first failure, I have reinstalled the entire X11 package
> successfully. I have also reinstalled nedit, but this did not sort out
> this problem. Obviously, something went wrong but I have no clue what
> happened.
> Running cygcheck -c returns no errors or incomplete installations.
> Any advice or suggestions ?

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